Postcards From Success 001: An Introduction

I launched my new Podcast: Postcards From Success!


 Listen Here: To Episode 001 An Introduction to Postcards From Success!

I enjoyed my apprenticeship working the last 1.5 years working as the co-producer and co-host of the Mail-Right Podcast with my co-host friend Jonathan Denwood. I learned a lot from him and all our amzing guests on the show. We decide to split off and take our shows in two diverse directions.

The Mail-Right Podcast will continue as a tech-based show educating the real estate industry, while I took the Entrepreneurial, Personal Growth & Real Estate Sales focus for Postcards From Success.

I add a little local San Diego flavor to the mix and share from the nuggets of gold I’ve acquired from over 30 years of books, coaching and advanced training as well as share the pearls of wisdom from the guests I interview on many of the episodes. These guests are local legends of business here in San Diego, CA as well as experts from around North America and beyond.


The concept being, just like a postcard you get from someone on vacation; they don’t tell you everything, just the good stuff! Same with this show, we’ll strip away the blah, blah blah, that gets old and get down to the perals of wisdom and nuggets of gold!

Listen Here: To Episode 001 An Introduction to Postcards From Success!

Find us on iTunes, and Facebook live. The show will publish weekly on iTunes and when I have a guest, you can what & interact live on or catch the replay on my Channel.


Thanks for subscribing, commenting and supporting my new venture!

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