Postcards From Success 002: The White Hats


Buffini & Company is where I do most of my training as an entrepreneur and a Realtor. Brian Buffini, the founder, hosts an exclusive training: Peak Experience annually in May. Out of 21,000 members, only 500 get to attend this event and an average of 1500 sit on a waiting list hoping someone drops ou so they can get in. I’ve been in for the last three years.

When you “graduate” Peak Experience, you are now known as a White Hat because you literally are given a white Peak Experience logo-hat to wear and you figuratively wear that hat from this point on; it’s a mindset.  The White Hat is a symbol, like in the old Hollywood Westerns; the good guy wore a White Hat and the bad guys wore black hats.

Listen To “White Hats” Episode 002 Here


Here’s what it means to truly be a White Hat in the Peak Experience World:

  • Driven but Gracious
  • Ambitious but Respectful
  • Growth-oriented but Open (to bring everything along, the principles never change).
  • An Achiever but Humble
  • A Mentor / Teacher and Patient
  • We’re committed to working 100% by referral, we do not purchase leads, we do not need to if we’re delivering consistent service before, during and after the sale.
  • We are a Beacon of Positivity; we seek to lift-up rather than commiserate or participate in negative behavior or gossip.
  • White Hats are responsible; we *own our mistakes and do not play the blame game.
  • *If we run a team, the mistakes are ours as the leader. If we have a victory, the victory is the teams, not the leader’s. This is known as Extreme Ownership, something we learned from the book of the same name by Jocko Willink & Leif Basin
  • We’re inclusive, we want to bring you along this journey; but you must want it too.

This list was created originally by the staff of Buffini & Company, who designed this whole concept and training and I’ve added my 2 cents worth as I’ve lived it since 2016.

We are exclusively trained but inclusively, we go back to our communities and market places as ambassadors of this information; to share it and teach it to our associates and clients. Brian Buffini has a genuine interest in building us up, so we then go share this with others.

Peak 2018-1.JPG

We do this to change our lives and to become a positive influence on others with this annually acquired set of standards. We choose to be impactful and influential; to answer this call to excellence and mastery. To be a light for our families, our friends, clients, community and marketplace.


Listen To “White Hats” Episode 002 Here


We’re Dedicated to service; that of our team / employees and associates as well as our customers and clients.

We lead by example; we preach with the feet, not the mouth, thus creating the ripple effect; being the pebble on the pond of others and let your gentle ripples take effect.

It’s about giving, being generous and serving others for the joy of it. Because people follow or respect you for who you are, not what you do. I am a servant leader in my business, I’m here to serve my clients’ needs first, but do so with the mastery of my experience and training.

Brian always says ” The world is not lacking information, we have an abundance of it. In fact, people are drowning in information and starving for wisdom”.

postcards from success

As a Realtor I know that my clients have access to almost all the same info I do. And because they are focused on a certain neighborhood or property type, they briefly become experts through their research, sometimes more so than I as I must know much more about San Diego and Real Estate at large.

But, where my expertise comes in is how to analyze and strategize the information; my experience shows up in how to write an offer or counter an offer. How to negotiate price, repairs and appraisal issues and how-to problem solve to prevent deals from blowing up-typically due to ego and “the principle of the matter”.

So, this is a rising to the challenge, of being great for my clients; without acting great on my clients. It’s solving the gaps between expectations and reality for my clients.

It’s servant leadership; it’s being a White Hat.

My friends and associates, you do not need to be a White Hat to act like one. I challenge you, as I’ve asked of myself, to act on these principles and become a better version of you, while still being you. As one of my mentor’s Jim Rohn used to say, “Whatever good things we build end up building us.”


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