Postcards From Success 004: Balancing- Are You Winning The Epic Battle of Home Life vs. Work Life?

Postcards From Success Podcast

Rest & Recharge is as important as Listings and Closing Escrows! Last week I produced a podcast on Boundaries, which is a continued effort to remind entrepreneurs, small business owners and Realtors to stop and smell the roses. You get one life, don’t blow it! Two years ago,

I posted a series of blogs regarding balancing work and home, business and personal and the challenges with that and disciplines required for it.

Listen to Episode 004 Here: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life

I very often debate with other agents about the merits of rest & recharge vs. 24/7. Look, you can run your business anyway you see fit. But, (maybe selfishly) I just feel other Realtors would be more pleasant to work with and our industry would have a better reputation if we were business trained and took better care of ourselves.


Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company: Balancing The 5 Circles of Life

I’ve seen 24/7 go-getters in my life go through multiple marriages, alcoholism, have heart attacks, become depressed and I even know two that paid the ultimate price; they committed suicide.

Postcards From Success PodcastThey lost track of their priorities and habits and disciplines required for balancing the five circles of life:

work, family, personal (mental & physical health), financial and spiritual as taught to me by one of my mentors, Brian Buffini and Buffini & Company.

Rather than repeat what I shared back then, that still holds true today, I’ve provided you the links here for the back story to this week’s Podcast topic: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life.


Job Posting: No Day Off, No Vacation, Apply Within (part1)

Job Posting: No Day Off, No Vacation, Apply Within (part 2)

Notice I say balancing, not balance – which implies some sort of mythological destination we someday arrive where all things are truly balanced. I think that’s called R.I.P. because if you are living life, life is organic and chaotic, something is always out of balance.

It’s a Balancing Act, Never True Balance, That Sets You Free!

Nelson Podcast

An agent on ActiveRain recently asked: “I know lots of agents have kids. How do you balance work and family time? Such as emails and phone calls coming in at random times.” My response:

“I’m open 8am-6PM Mon-Fri Appt only Sat and closed Sundays. SUNDAYS ARE FAMILY DAYS. NO PHONE, NO TECH, (No Business).

Unless pre-booked to work past 6 PM, my bride can count on me to be home for dinner by 6:30 PM. When my son had football games I was “already booked on a client appointment; I can offer these two alternative choices.” My clients know my hours when they hire me. My boundaries are set day one with them and they hire me, or they don’t. I must honor my boundaries, or my clients won’t. Take it or leave it; this is advice from a miserably-divorced & happily-remarried man who had no boundaries early in his career and paid the price.”

Listen to Episode 004 Here: Boundaries: Balancing Home Life Your Work Life

It’s Finally Here!




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