Postcards From Success 005: Virtual Listings- the Interview

Postcards from Success Podcast Nelson

Have you ever worked with a Virtual Assistant? I started working with one about 4 years ago and now I work with 3. One of my best moves was hiring Talk about a time saver for all things listings! Now, my post title may be exaggerating a bit, but here you are reading about this amazing service that will dramatically cut down on your time spent at listings prepping them for market! Yes, you still go to the listing. Check this out…

Postcards From Success Podcast interview with’s Founder

I now can provide professional photos, video, drone, Matterport digital 3D floor plans and much more in a one stop shopone call or click, one professional on site! Furthermore, I never install nor remove another post, sign, lock box or sign rider. They do it all!!! And how about this: they do my MLS data entry, property websites and flyers among other things!

Tolisterassister.comtal time and money saver folks. The quality is as good or better than any other professional photographer, sign company or assistant I’ve worked with in the past. If it sounds like I’m endorsing them, I AM! I rarely get behind a company like this, but I simply love their story, enjoy the perks of their one-stop-shop-services and the people behind the company are just a joy to work with: I want to see them expand and exceed. I’m a paying client, no special perks here nor am I an investor. I just believe in them and want to share this great find with you.

Postcards From Success Podcast was founded by Phoenix, AZ Realtor Chad O’Donnell during the Great Recession of 2007=2011, when he needed to not only create more revenue streams (as we all did), but he also saw a need and filled a need!

I love entrepreneurial stories like this. Check out my recent Postcards From Success Podcast interview with’s Founder here on iTunes for more info.

Track your listings, your inventory, marketing and more

from one conveient dashboard

This is a screenshot of my actual dashboard.

Currently, services Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, Las Vegas NV and San Diego, CA. If you live and work here, you’re in luck! They are expanding and if you want this type of service in your area, call Chad to discuss the opportunity.

Here’s what you get to choose from:

Service Price (CA) Note
Photos Only $89 ($129) Up to 1,000 square feet, $10 increase per thousand square feet thereafter
Photo Changes (edits) Will Quote Post-production changes to photos that have already been edited and delivered where is not at fault
Lockbox and/or Sign Installation/Removal $30
Standard Listing Package $149 ($199) Up to 1,000 square feet, $10 increase per thousand square feet thereafter
Broker/Team Package $129 Up to 1,000 square feet, $10 increase per thousand square feet thereafter
Community Shots Add-On $25 ($34) Requires photo service
Community Shots Standalone $65 ($89)
Lifestyle Shots Add-On $50 ($74) Requires photos service, includes Community Shots
Lifestyle Shots Standalone $74 ($89)
Twilight Access $79 ($99) Requires photos service
Twilight Exterior Only $129 ($149)
Drone Photos $89 ($129)
Drone Video $89 ($129)
Drone Photos & Video $149 ($199)
Matterport $179 ($199) Up to 3,000 square feet, $0.06 per square foot thereafter
Video Walkthrough $149 ($199) Up to 1,000 square feet, $10 increase per thousand square feet thereafter
Post installation $39 Standard and over-the-wall
Additional Post $25 Requires standard or over-the-wall
H-Frame $49
Post Relocation/Re-installation $25 If unmarked/more than 30 days from original install
Flyer Tube Rental $15 Rental
Flyer Box Rental $15 Rental
Rider $5
Property Specific Rider $10 Rental
MLS Entry $29
Marketing Suite $35
Virtual Staging $49 per image $147 for 3 images; $199 for 5 images
Print and Deliver Flyers 50 cents per page 50 pages minimum ($25), Delivered to property
Print Flyers 25 cents per page 50 pages minimum ($12.50), agent picks up from our office
Partial Re-shoot $65 ($89) Typically, about 6 photos
Complete Re-shoot $89 ($129) Up to 1,000 square feet, $10 increase per thousand square feet thereafter
Photos Same Day Cancellation $25
On-Site Cancellation $40 Cancellation within 90 minutes of arrival
Twilight Same Day Cancellation $75
Matterport Same Day Cancellation $100
Video Walkthrough Same Day Cancellation $100
Lost Post Fee $65 After 2 weeks
Lost Rider Fee $5 After 2 weeks
Lost Flyer Box/Tube Fee $15 After 2 weeks

It’s Finally Here!




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