Postcards From Success 006: Running A Small Business with No Guarantees

It was a thrill to turn my most read blog post

into a Podcast recently! 

Originally posted March 2012 on


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 This is the post that earned me my first commission check from my blog!

It went viral and caught fire throughout SoCal Coldwell Banker, my brokerage at the time. I closed a $550,000 escrow as a result of a referral that came from one of the agents that read this post. He called me and complimented me by saying, “The guy that wrote that post is the guy I want to represent my daughter when she buys here next home.”

FYI: this man has referred me over $1.5 million in gross sales since! I love to blog 🙂

Click the Link to Read it Here: No Gurantees (The Post)


Click the Link to Listen to it Here: No Gurantees (The Podcast)

“If you are going to do what you do-Love what you do or at least be passionate about it and work it like there’s no tomorrow to get it right each day.  If you don’t, you’re in the wrong business my friend. I jump out of bed most days, because I truly can’t wait to start my day. That comes from a true passion for what I do. You?

Bring the best of you (not what’s left of you) to your marketplace and it will reward your efforts in ways you can’t imagine.

Give it out in slices and it comes back in loaves.”



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