Do You Invest in Yourself or Are You A Loser?

Reinvesting your profits into yourself; a great way to stay young at heart! When you aspire to keep learning, you’re challenging, thus exercising your brain and you bring your soul purpose. Your brain is the largest muscle in your body, yet I fear seldom exercised in today’s digital-distraction world.


I once heard Brian Tracy talk about the re-investment of profits into yourself, I’ll paraphrase and take some liberties here:

“If I asked you to invest several thousand dollars into a company, one I saw as a great investment and gave you the prospectus so you could do your “homework” on it and discovered it would lose money, you’d pass on it. You’d in effect be saying this is a bad investment, this company is a loser.

Simultaneously, if someone that has achieved what you want to achieve or had some level of success you are seeking and they share “this is the book I read that changed my life, this is the seminar I attended that made it all possible, etc.” and you pass on it; you’re effectively saying I see no future in me, that I would be a waste of money investing in myself. I see myself as a loser of an investment. And sadly, you wouldn’t be alone: 80% of the American population doesn’t invest in themselves after college; they see it as an expense and do not see the value nor the (ROI) return on investment.” ~ Brian Tracy


Yet if I asked you, “Do you have any untapped-potential left in you?”

I’m willing to bet you’d say YES!


“If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest”. ~ Benjamin Franklin


It’s not an expense, it’s an investment.

  • Do you read?
  • Do you listen to Podcasts or Digital Books?
  • Do you attend Seminars, Webinars or Classes?
  • Do you get Professional Coaching?
  • Do you belong to a Mastermind group or seek out Mentors?
  • Do you re-invest profits in yourself?


Why is investing in yourself is critical?

down arrow

“You become on the outside, what you believe about yourself on the inside.”                                                         ~Brian Tracy


down arrow drawn


Here are the “secret” is revealed to investing in yourself and the books to get you started on your journey: click here!

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