The Grapes of Math 2.0

The Grapes of Math 2.0

(The Compound Effect of Relationships)


Networking is like earning compound interest, which according to Einstein, is the 8th Wonder of The World. Just by adding 10 “A+” or “A” caliber *Power Partners into your Sphere and you gain the potential of 2,500 connections to people you can help with their businesses or needs and in turn can help you. (The average person knows 250 people according to a study done at Harvard University).  

Notice I said help not sell-to. Sales through Networking only occur through rapport, trust and relationships; so, your challenge is to add the “givers” to your business, so you can first be a giver to them… and watch what happens!

“Givers need to set boundaries because takers have none.” ~My Coach Cami N.

Your Database/Client Relationship Manager becomes like a garden, ergo if I plant 10 grape seeds, I may yield 1-5 plants that sprout and mature, because not all seeds germinate to begin with. Just like when you sort & qualify your Sphere of Influence (all your relationships) into a CRM (Client Relationship Manager).

Your Database/CRM, like a garden, requires: weeding and tilling the soil (sorting & grapes-6qualifying), fertilizing (personal notes), water (calls, emails & video text) and sunshine (pop-by’s, breaking bread and client parties) and to create strong roots, healthy plants and a future harvest. Not every contact that goes into your CRM will germinate into a relationship that produces referrals for you. Some will naturally (A’s), others if asked (B’s) and many just don’t (D’s). Then there’s those A+ clients that are like your fan club, they not only do refer you, they try to do so often naturally; these are your prized “grape vines” with your vintage referrals.

The Grapes of Math: Harvard University that did a study years ago that determined the average person knows 250 people (just plan a wedding at $80+/head or create a Christmas Card List and you’ll see this is true). Based on this study, I created The Grapes of Math which is the basic mathematical belief in the compound effect of networking; that each seed (relationship) that grows into a trunk and vines aka cordons (referral sources or pipelines), can produce multiple canes (connections) with hundreds of bunches of grapes aka clusters (referral opportunities), which means thousands of grapes (referrals).


*Power Partners: strategic alliances with other businesses targeting the same clientele as you but offering non-competing or even complimentary services. For example: A Realtor and a Lender both offer necessary services to buyers and they are complimentary services to each other; most buyers need both.

If you have not read the story, let me share with you the story of…

The Grapes of Math 1.0

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