Now is the perfect time for homeowners to sell

Now is the perfect time for homeowners to sell

Buyers are back looking for homes and entering the housing market, while sellers over all are enjoying a robust and competitive market. However, I’ll caution you here in San Diego that move-in-ready sells quicker in most areas of our county, much faster than homes with deferred maintenance.

The housing market is experiencing a mini-boom that will last, perhaps, until the end of 2020. As a homeowner (and if you are a real estate professional reading this), you need to take advantage of this demand.

According to Stuart Miller, executive chairman of Lennar, “while many parts of the economy are still waiting to open and rebound, the housing market has proven to be resilient in the current environment”.

Here are some of the reasons why now is the best time for you to invest in your marketing and show homeowners that this is the best time to sell their homes. 

Inventory is Low and Home Price is Rising

The number of homes for sale is down 31% year over year. More buyers are competing for a limited supply of homes, prompting home prices to rise.

Prices for existing homes jumped 7.4% in April 2020 compared to a year earlier. All four major regions of the U.S. posted annual price gains.

According to Geogr Ratiu, Senior Economist of “There are still buyers in the market, but given the very limited number of properties available, buyers are willing to pay more”.

“I think that home prices will not decline because of the inventory shortage that we have. There is no expectation by the buyers for any big discount.” – Dr. Yun, NAR Chief Economist

“Going into 2021, we have all this pent-up demand. I think the sales will increase about 15 percent and the price is rising 3 to 5 percent.” – Dr. Yun, NAR Chief Economist

I concur with this as I see prices rising in 2020 at a rate of 2% – 5% per month, determined by location, condition and school districts, among other determining factors.

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Increase of Online Home Search

The searches for homes for sale are back up and even surpassing pre-pandemic levels. That means home seekers are active online and eager to resume their activity on the real estate market.

Terms such as “house for sale” and “house with garden” are in high demand.

Overall, searches for the term “homes for sale” have risen in every metro tracked, compared to their 2020 lows at the onset of the coronavirus outbreak in the U.S.

Low Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates have fallen to a new all-time low and homebuyers are rushing out to take advantage, especially first-time buyers and millennials.

Mortgages have averaged around 8% over the last 50 years. In early 2020 March, it dropped to a record 3.29%, the 30-year fixed-rate average dipped to below 3% in July 2020.

Rates this low were once unimaginable.

The fact is that right now, there are dedicated, focused, motivated buyers and sellers who need to move. If you’re thinking about making a move, now is an inflection point in the market. Make the most of your equity and move on to your next dream home.

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Article source and photo used with permission from Corfact

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