2022 Back To Zero

The New Year is a rebirth, a blank page in the journal, a new calendar year…a reset back to zero. No matter if last year was a major disappointment or huge success, January 1 ceremoniously becomes a fresh start. Now literally it’s not, but figuratively we accept this concept and allow ourselves the reset. It’s a great motivator and something to look forward to each year.

I don’t believe you need to wait for 01/01 annually to experience this, but I love that the whole country, if not the whole world collectively entertains this notion, as it seems each January does mysteriously clear the out the trash and makes room for opportunity. The energy of others on the same reset is motivating to me and it always inspires me in January and then disappoints me in February when you see or experience the drop off. Why do so many quit or fail? They do not have a written plan; they make verbal resolutions instead of setting written goals.

“Change means discomfort. Progress means disruption.”

– Darren Hardy

Because it won’t happen magically; no it happens when you make a decision, create a written plan broken down into steps you can follow and check off your daily list while you roll up your sleeves and go to work on them. Daily focus on the goals the written game plan helps you accomplish. Change is always part of that plan, because you can’t change your future with yesterdays habits and mentality. You must improve, alter and push.

A burning desire for this change needs to reignite you daily to accomplish this. It must be your unstoppable burning desire because life will through you curveballs, put up road blocks and take sucker punch opportunities to knock you down. You got to want it bad enough to push through the adversity and rise up from the canvass and put up your Dukes for another round.

I have accomplished some amazing goals in my life, but not without pain, doubt and distraction trying to steal them away from me. I have had experts tell me it’s over, only to smile at them later on having accomplished what they said couldn’t be done. But, I’ve also quit on myself out of laziness, lack of priority and fear.

“Focus only on what you actually WANT to do, can do and those few MUST do’s.”

Darren Hardy

I’ve enjoyed the victories and suffered the defeats. It truly is win some lose some along the way, but I lost more from quitting on them than lack of skills or effort.

I had a successful 2020, but I worked harder in 2021 and doubled-nearly tripled that success, now I have an even bigger goal to double 2021 in 2022, to make sure it was me not just the market that earned my 2 best sales years ever in my career e.g. the skill of the boatman not solely the momentum river. I can’t rest on yesterday’s accomplishments, I can use them as higher base camps to ascend the mountain from, but I still need to climb the mountain.

“You cannot own success, you only rent it…and the rent is due every day”

Darren Hardy

For 2022, I listed 3 Major Goals, broke down the 12 month steps and the weekly mini-goals I need to accomplish in order to see the monthly & quarterly goals realized. I will schedule daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly goals into my calendar and go for it! I recommend this approach as it allows you to focus daily on your Big 3 without overwhelming you with the big picture. The big picture gets reviewed once per week, but the daily focus are the smaller steps needed to achieve the big monthly steps. The weekly review includes, wins, losses, fixes and lessons learned along the way.

I hope you design an amazing 2022 for yourself and write down your goals and action plan to accomplish them. Happy New Year!

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